On Solid Ground

On Solid Ground

On Solid Ground from Robert Schalkenbach Foundation on Vimeo. We propose to abolish all taxes save those on the value of land, irrespective of the value of the improvements, and the economic rent of other natural resources. What we proposeRead the Rest »



by Lindy Davies We have all been inspired, from time to time, by the moving statements of Native Americans, and other aboriginal speakers, about their deep and abiding relationship with the land. Here’s one: What is this you call property?Read the Rest »


These Kids Today

by Lindy Davies In the fiscal year that ended in June, 52,193 undocumented minors were caught crossing the United States’s Southern border. That is twice as many as the previous year. Many of these children were unaccompanied. The vast majorityRead the Rest »


Camden Blues

by Lindy Davies It’s amazing how we calmly accept the most absurd things, simply because they’ve been that way for a while. Today’s example is the notion that cities are nasty, brutal, crime-ridden places packed with poor people. Why shouldRead the Rest »

A Condo in the Sky

by Lindy Davies A society’s values and preoccupations for a particular place and time tend to be depicted in its architecture (Levittown? the Golden Arches?). It would pretty much have to be that way — because while individual interests buildRead the Rest »


Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair!

by Lindy Davies Easter Island is the Earth’s most remote inhabited island, 1,400 miles from its nearest island neighbor. At one time, though, a complex civilization existed there, as evidenced by the mysterious monuments they left behind — some ofRead the Rest »


Affordable Housing

by Lindy Davies It has been generally assumed, for many years, that “the free market isn’t good at providing affordable housing.” If the free market can’t satisfy that basic, universal human need, then we can’t afford to trust the freeRead the Rest »



by Lindy Davies The most recent chapter of Israel/Palestine violence got me thinking about the question of sovereignty. It’s all around the discussion, of course: about Israel having a sovereign right to defend itself against attack, and about the variousRead the Rest »


Who Has Time Anymore?

by Lindy Davies My wife makes some of her living monitoring online discussions. One of the ongoing conversations there is about how women’s contradictory conundrums have changed — how today’s overwhelmed-ness compares with yesterday’s ennui. Staying at home, one feelsRead the Rest »

Young Georgist Conference: July 5th, San Francisco



The Top Ten Reasons Why Land is More Important than Ever

by Lindy Davies The Georgist economic proposal insists on the primary importance of land as a factor in the economy. Many dismiss that as a quaint, agrarian notion. “Perhaps,” they scoff, “land was that significant back when most people hadRead the Rest »