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Four Horsemen – Q&A

Four Horsemen Director Ross Ashcroft answers questions arising from the Four Horseman film.

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Henry George -The Movie

How did an uneducated printer’s apprentice from Philadelphia become one of the most influential men in America, then all but disappear from history less then a hundred years later? This is the story of Henry George and The Single Tax;Read the Rest »

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Earth Share

If you write a book, it belongs to you. That’s fair right? Air, water, oil, land, just exist though. No one created them. Natural assets have no natural owners. Why then do we tax someone for writing a book orRead the Rest »

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The Key to Protecting Wildlife

The Key to Protecting Wildlife by jacobshwartzlucas on GoAnimateVideo Maker – Powered by GoAnimate.

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I agree with Churchill: let's get stuck into the real shirkers

Here is a great article published in the guardian on Monday. It mentions the killing the Sultan of Brunei is getting on real estate in London. ‘Last year the Independent revealed that the Sultan of Brunei pays only £32 aRead the Rest »

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Four Horseman Film Released Today

Above is the trailer for the Four Horseman film which was released online only moments ago. Though I have not seen the film myself yet, it features many respected thinkers in economics, sociology, etc. One of the economic reforms thatRead the Rest »

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Geoism Without Government?

Is Geoism without government possible? Fred Foldvary seems to think so. In his presentation at Libertopia he states that private communities can function like condominiums wherein people pay a fee or a rent for taking up space in the community.Read the Rest »

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Tedx Berlin: Should you be paid to be a citizen?

At Tedx Berlin late last year Johnny West exclaimed “Give It Back!”. He was referring to natural resource rents, the value of natural resources. West claims that citizens should be paid for the extraction of their natural resources. What doRead the Rest »

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The Only Economic Reform Worth Talking About

Many thanks to Edward Miller for allowing me to repost his article which can also be found at Embrace Unity.–Jacob Shwartz-Lucas The world is a complex place, or so we are told here in the USA. The pundits and journalistsRead the Rest »

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The Silver Bullet: Ending Poverty Worldwide

As I engage people on the topic of poverty in the US, I am often asked about extreme poverty in Africa. I explain how there are poverty alleviating policies that universally apply in rich and poor countries alike. The bestRead the Rest »

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