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Seven Things We Waste in Huge Amounts

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Spread the loveby Lindy Davies Water California, among many other places, is now in the grips of a scarily intense drought. Yet, California still uses an awful lot of water. Golf courses and car-washes are obvious wasters, but agriculture isRead the Rest »

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The Ultimate Cyberweapon

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Spread the loveby Lindy Davies An editorial in the New York Times recently expressed concern over cyber-attacks being perpetrated by Chinese hackers against United States military, business and industrial computer systems. The editorial suggested that the US and Chinese governmentsRead the Rest »

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What the US can learn from the economic policies of Botswana

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Spread the loveI’m here at the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference today, sharing ideas with policy makers around the world. Yesterday, I was able to pose a question to Festus Mogae, the former president of Botswana, about the country‚ÄôsRead the Rest »

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