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What the Plutocrats Don't Want You to Know: Washington Post Response

I’ve been very excited the past few days to see so many great articles published in big name journals in reference to what I see as the most fundamental issue facing our planet. How do we divide our natural “wealth”, i.e.Read the Rest »

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Lonely Tax Reformers Press On

April 1, 2019 — The economy is surging forward. Clean-energy stocks are outpacing the markets. Seventeen of the 20 largest cities in the United States have voluntarily increased their debt-retirement payments to the federal government. This is the climate inRead the Rest »

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I agree with Churchill: let's get stuck into the real shirkers

Here is a great article published in the guardian on Monday. It mentions the killing the Sultan of Brunei is getting on real estate in London. ‘Last year the Independent revealed that the Sultan of Brunei pays only £32 aRead the Rest »

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Geoism Without Government?

Is Geoism without government possible? Fred Foldvary seems to think so. In his presentation at Libertopia he states that private communities can function like condominiums wherein people pay a fee or a rent for taking up space in the community.Read the Rest »

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The "Fiscal Cliff," Colbert, and Monkeys (pt. 2)

Reihan Salam’s solution to the approaching “fiscal cliff” is to raise more revenue without increasing marginal rates. How is that possible? According to Salam, Congress could simply close loopholes and cap deductions. Since the rich are the ones exploiting mostRead the Rest »

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We Don't Need Any Stinking Taxes!

by Fred Foldvary When something stinks, it’s unpleasant, harmful, disagreeable, disgusting, and foul. That describes taxes on wages, capital, spending, consumption, exchange and production. These are stinker taxes because they forcibly take what is properly ours. These stinky taxes raiseRead the Rest »

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The Fiscal Cliff? So What Else Is New?

by Lindy Davies What people seem to know, at this point, is that Our economy remains weak; unemployment is high and growth is faltering (but we’re better off than Europe!) Our government has been borrowing too much money; our levelRead the Rest »

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Florida Voters! Please Listen!

Ben Phipps, an Attorney from Tallahasses, Florida, writes in a recent op-ed in the Tallahassee Democrat: There is a really bad tax amendment on the ballot…. It sets out to do three things — all of them bad. First, itRead the Rest »

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The Ultimate Tax Reform

Here, Fred Foldvary, professor of economics at Santa Clara University, gives us an overview of how Land Value Taxation can be applied. Fred writes from a Libertarian perspective, demonstrating how land value taxation not only does not decrease production, butRead the Rest »

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Sales Tax Bias Against Turnover and Jobs

Paper by Mason Gaffney, summarized by Lindy Davies. Read the full paper here. Mainstream attitudes toward “capital” tend to ignore the variable rates of turnover. “Turnover means replacement, and replacement sustains demand for labor.” There’s a continuum of turnover: onRead the Rest »

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