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Young Georgist Conference: July 5th, San Francisco


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A Most Harmonious Disagreement

by Lindy Davies Economists seem to be pretty good at consolidating corporations’ profits, yet they seem powerless to address persistent social problems such as persistent poverty and climate change. Why is mainstream economics so inept? Could it be that theRead the Rest »

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Stealing Africa -Why Poverty?

This excellent documentary tells the gripping story of the Zambian people –the toxic pollutants filling the air of their homes and work places, and their fight to benefit from their country’s rich copper deposits. It is a film that allowsRead the Rest »

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Wall Street’s War to Impose Austerity

Please join us for a  discussion: Pace University, New York City Room: W613 Time: Saturday, 8th of June 03:40pm-05:20pm  Wall Street had a record year in profits last year. Bonuses were up and stock prices zoomed. Meanwhile, the productive classes continuedRead the Rest »

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Have the seeds of world war III been sown? Dig out the rents before it's too late.

Optimal Policies for Avoiding World War III. Debt, Depression and the final Crisis of Capitalism. Economic commentator Fred Harrison describes how Land Value Tax could help avert the coming crisis in capitalism & how history teaches us that world warsRead the Rest »

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Communism, welfare state – what's the next big idea?

George Monbiot: Any attempt to challenge the elite needs courage, inspiration and a truly groundbreaking proposal. Here are two to set us off. “Most of the world’s people are decent, honest and kind. Most of those who dominate us areRead the Rest »

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What the Plutocrats Don't Want You to Know: Washington Post Response

I’ve been very excited the past few days to see so many great articles published in big name journals in reference to what I see as the most fundamental issue facing our planet. How do we divide our natural “wealth”, i.e.Read the Rest »

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Weekly Social Hour:Sundays 11am-12pm CST

Hangouts We are starting a new weekly LVT social hour on Sundays using Google Hangouts. We’d like everyone who is interested in meeting other supporters, as well as curious individuals to attend. No prior understanding of LVT is required. TheRead the Rest »

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Four Horsemen – Q&A

Four Horsemen Director Ross Ashcroft answers questions arising from the Four Horseman film.

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Henry George -The Movie

How did an uneducated printer’s apprentice from Philadelphia become one of the most influential men in America, then all but disappear from history less then a hundred years later? This is the story of Henry George and The Single Tax;Read the Rest »

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