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The Lord Giveth and the Landlord Taketh Away

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Spread the love There have been many songs written over the years which echo Georgist sentiments. Every once in awhile, a tune comes along of such quality, and that resonates so well with the times, that it is certain toRead the Rest »

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Boom Bust: Economic Cycles are Land Cycles

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Spread the loveThis is an introductory slide show explanation of land’s role in the business cycle. Once started/open click arrows to see the slide show. Boom Bust on Prezi

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Sandy's Jobs Program

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Spread the loveby Lindy Davies Although a whole lot of people are enduring a whole lot of loss and suffering in the aftermath of the SuperStorm, the news isn’t 100% bad. People who have been looking for work in metroRead the Rest »

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The Labor Market: 2. Permanent Unemployment

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Spread the loveby Lindy Davies In the last post I showed that the market for unskilled, unregulated labor is perfectly competitive. The econ-speak definition of that is “a market in which profit is maximized when price equals marginal cost.” AndRead the Rest »

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Dealing with Unemployment

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Spread the loveby Robert Clancy [Reprinted from the Georgist Journal, No.78, Winter 1992-93] The most bothersome economic problem is still unemployment. Economists, looking at whatever indicators they look at, say we have been moving out of the recession for months.Read the Rest »

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