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Who Has Time Anymore?

by Lindy Davies My wife makes some of her living monitoring online discussions. One of the ongoing conversations there is about how women’s contradictory conundrums have changed — how today’s overwhelmed-ness compares with yesterday’s ennui. Staying at home, one feelsRead the Rest »

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Pure Geoism

Sometimes it’s said that our “economic reform advocacy” lacks passion, doesn’t get down to real cases. Well, here’s one: here’s the story of “a bold, bare and enormous wrong” (as Henry George put it) perpetrated against someone who is veryRead the Rest »

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My Tainted Trousers

by Lindy Davies The main media buzz has — all too soon — drifted away from the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, in which over a thousand garment workers lost their lives, and another 2,500 were injured.Read the Rest »

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Venture Labor

by Lindy Davies One of the quaintest-seeming notions in Henry George’s Progress and Poverty is that “Production is the mother of wages.” George refuted the “wages-fund theory,” showing that, in the final analysis, our sustenance comes not from stored- upRead the Rest »

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Boom Bust: Economic Cycles are Land Cycles

This is an introductory slide show explanation of land’s role in the business cycle. Once started/open click arrows to see the slide show. Boom Bust on Prezi

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Intersecting Economies: Where the Action Is

by Lindy Davies I just got back from a rather quick work-oriented visit to New York City, with a bit of money left in my pocket. I’d been trying to control the hemorrhaging of cash that always happens in theRead the Rest »

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In Emergency, Break Glass

by Lindy Davies Too much of the talk about today’s JOBS issue has been theoretical. Here’s a real-world proposal. We need to put people to work, NOW! What’s more, it would be nice, if these newly-created jobs didn’t create tooRead the Rest »

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Time is Money (Or is it?)

by Lindy Davies I found myself on the highway today, weaving dangerously, once again, because I was attempting to eat a sandwich as I went. I started thinking about the old saw, “Time is money”. What do you suppose itRead the Rest »

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The Broken Window

by Fred E. Foldvary, Senior Editor, The Progress Report If someone throws a stone into a shop window, the owner needs to repair it. This puts people to work and increases total output. Since this creates jobs, would we beRead the Rest »

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The Bridge to Economic Nowhere

by Fred E. Foldvary, Senior Editor, The Progress Report November 2008 President-elect Obama’s plan for a massive national public works project will fail to revive the economy. Such works did not end the Great Depression, and they did not revive theRead the Rest »

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