Henry George -The Movie

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How did an uneducated printer’s apprentice from Philadelphia become one of the most influential men in America, then all but disappear from history less then a hundred years later? This is the story of Henry George and The Single Tax; brilliant and forgotten.

The Single Tax System proposed by Henry George may have reduced poverty in America and curbed the excesses of the wealthy, had it only been given a chance. After receiving world-wide fame as the author of the brilliantly composed book, “Progress and Poverty”, George ran for mayor of New York City in an attempt to implement his ideas, but his bid was cut short due to his untimely death. Afterwards, a small band of visionaries endeavored to give those ideas another try by founding a utopian society in Arden, Delaware, which incorporated George’s principles into the local government, and still operates under them to this day. George’s personal story, his plans to release the common man from the burden of unfair taxation, and the legacy of Arden provides us with lessons in economic principles that will certainly benefit all areas of society today.

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