Land Value Taxation

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Our tax system gets everything backwards. We say we believe in free enterprise— we say it’s good when people use their ingenuity to compete in markets, provide better services, nicer goods, more efficient systems. Yet every time people do those things, we slap a fine on them! Build something? It’s taxed. Produce a product? It’s taxed. Make goods conveniently available in a store? All taxed.

Even worse, we say we believe that work should be rewarded by earnings, and that freeloaders shouldn’t get paid. Yet every time people move into a community, every time that community paves a street, builds a school or provides public protection, it increases the value of land — but no workers ever produced land. When landowners get paid for land, they get wealth they did not create. Land values are created by the entire surrounding community.

Society needs revenue, for the public services and infrastructure that everyone needs — and land value taxation is the right way to raise that revenue. It recovers for the community’s use, the wealth that a community has created. If land values are used for public revenue, communities need not resort to taxes that rob the rightful earnings of workers — and destroy jobs.

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