The Top Ten Reasons Why Land is More Important than Ever

by Lindy Davies The Georgist economic proposal insists on the primary importance of land as a factor in the economy. Many dismiss that as a quaint, agrarian notion. “Perhaps,” they scoff, “land was that significant back when most people hadRead the Rest »

A Most Harmonious Disagreement

by Lindy Davies Economists seem to be pretty good at consolidating corporations’ profits, yet they seem powerless to address persistent social problems such as persistent poverty and climate change. Why is mainstream economics so inept? Could it be that theRead the Rest »

The Everyday Drama of One Manhattan Block

by Lindy Davies I recently ran across a block in Manhattan that serves as a microcosm of the hindrance and dysfunction that is built into today’s economy. The forces we see on this block are at work all over NewRead the Rest »

No. Stop. Please.

by Lindy Davies Every now and then the threat of a new new Walmart will arise in our local struggling postindustrial city, and a dogged crew of well-read, well-fed progressives will turn out to oppose it. Perhaps the Big-box juggernautRead the Rest »

Stealing Africa -Why Poverty?

This excellent documentary tells the gripping story of the Zambian people –the toxic pollutants filling the air of their homes and work places, and their fight to benefit from their country’s rich copper deposits. It is a film that allowsRead the Rest »

Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair!

by Lindy Davies Easter Island is the Earth’s most remote inhabited island, 1,400 miles from its nearest island neighbor. At one time, though, a complex civilization existed there, as evidenced by the mysterious monuments they left behind — some ofRead the Rest »

Pure Geoism

Sometimes it’s said that our “economic reform advocacy” lacks passion, doesn’t get down to real cases. Well, here’s one: here’s the story of “a bold, bare and enormous wrong” (as Henry George put it) perpetrated against someone who is veryRead the Rest »

Corn to Burn

by Lindy Davies Now and then I am forced to step back and realize that there are things in our modern economy, things we pass by every day and barely give a second thought, which are actually mind-bogglingly absurd. I’mRead the Rest »

Letting in the Jungle

Veil them, cover them, wall them round — Blossom, and creeper, and weed — Let us forget the sight and the sound, The smell and the touch of the breed! Fat black ash by the altar-stone, Here is the white-footRead the Rest »

My Tainted Trousers

by Lindy Davies The main media buzz has — all too soon — drifted away from the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, in which over a thousand garment workers lost their lives, and another 2,500 were injured.Read the Rest »