The Ultimate Cyberweapon

by Lindy Davies An editorial in the New York Times recently expressed concern over cyber-attacks being perpetrated by Chinese hackers against United States military, business and industrial computer systems. The editorial suggested that the US and Chinese governments try toRead the Rest »

Curiouser and Curiouser

by Lindy Davies Readers may have noticed the recent flap over the Internal Revenue Service subjecting conservative groups to extraordinary levels of scrutiny. Mostly these are folks who call themselves Patriots, who are Taxed Enough Already! (Heavens, why would thatRead the Rest »

Global Poverty: Real and Virtual

by Lindy Davies Glancing at HuffPost over morning coffee (something that costs about $1.50 these days at most NYC bodegas), I noticed that a couple of bloggers, Jessica Prois and Eleanor Goldberg, are documenting their participation in the “Live BelowRead the Rest »

On Rent

by Lindy Davies My awesome colleague Jacob Shwartz-Lucas mused, in his recent WorkandWealth piece, on Rent — which, he notes, “has a very nuanced meaning in Economics.” Though Jacob said “meaning,” he talked about definition — which is understandable. HeRead the Rest »

Is New Technology Destroying Jobs?

by Dr. Polly Cleveland On the NewsHour Friday night, in response to the dismal new jobs numbers, Andrew McAfee of the MIT Center for Digital Business blames the loss on “powerful” new labor-saving technology. But if he’s right, is itRead the Rest »

Wall Street’s War to Impose Austerity

Please join us for a  discussion: Pace University, New York City Room: W613 Time: Saturday, 8th of June 03:40pm-05:20pm  Wall Street had a record year in profits last year. Bonuses were up and stock prices zoomed. Meanwhile, the productive classes continuedRead the Rest »

Good Luck With That, Jeffrey Sachs

by Lindy Davies My general impression of Jeffrey Sachs is that the things he says usually make some sense; he’s well-credentialed, widely published, quoted, cited, featured, y’know, and what-all. So I was a bit surprised, yesterday, to see a steamingRead the Rest »

Have the experts finally figured out how to end poverty?

The first day of the Land and Poverty Conference, as I approached the World Bank from H Street, I noticed several homeless people still sleeping on the benches outside. As I cleared the trees separating the tiny Edward R MurrowRead the Rest »

What the US can learn from the economic policies of Botswana

I’m here at the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference today, sharing ideas with policy makers around the world. Yesterday, I was able to pose a question to Festus Mogae, the former president of Botswana, about the country’s high taxesRead the Rest »


by Lindy Davies New York City has always provided us with icons: the Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, The Empire State Building, the World Trade Center (in place, and in destruction). Now a new one is rising:Read the Rest »