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Oops! There Goes Another $20 Trillion

by Lindy Davies Last week The Economist featured a 14-page special section on “offshore finance,” the booming global industry helping Big Players lower their tax liabilities. The magazine’s cover featured a happy fatcat, parrot on shoulder, standing in front ofRead the Rest »

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Seeing What's There

by Lindy Davies One afternoon, back in the days of the great bloom of New York City panhandling in the early 90s, I made the by-then reflexive plunge into my pocket, and found nothing but a twenty-dollar bill. I explainedRead the Rest »

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Don't Worry. I'll Fix It.

by Lindy Davies I have some good news for you, citizens. Your dysfunctional government gridlock has finally hit bottom. You’ve been thinking, “Why can’t some benevolent King just come in and impose a system that works?” Now, I recognize thatRead the Rest »

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by Lindy Davies In the argot of politicians, a “job” is a commodity, like a pork belly, or a widget. “We created eleventy-umpteen new jobs on my watch,” says the incumbent to raucous applause — as though they came freshly-stampedRead the Rest »

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Free Trade and Jobs

by Lindy Davies “Free Trade” is blamed for all kinds of bad things, these days. There is a notion out there that the Free Market cannot be trusted, that left unfettered, it will enable Greedy Corporate Capitalists to plunder andRead the Rest »

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The Ball and Chain Economy

by Lindy Davies Things must be getting pretty dull when the Fed’s interest rate report tops the headlines, but there it was: front-page hoopla over Chairman Bernanke’s bold announcement of a sweeping new strategy. Interest rates will remain very lowRead the Rest »

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Venture Labor

by Lindy Davies One of the quaintest-seeming notions in Henry George’s Progress and Poverty is that “Production is the mother of wages.” George refuted the “wages-fund theory,” showing that, in the final analysis, our sustenance comes not from stored- upRead the Rest »

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Out(In!)sourcing and the Plastic Law of Wages

by Lindy Davies The December issue of Atlantic magazine offered two long articles on how and why manufacturing jobs are — amazingly — starting to come back to the United States. Perhaps they aren’t coming — yet! — in sufficientRead the Rest »

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Intersecting Economies: Where the Action Is

by Lindy Davies I just got back from a rather quick work-oriented visit to New York City, with a bit of money left in my pocket. I’d been trying to control the hemorrhaging of cash that always happens in theRead the Rest »

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Progress and Poverty

by Lindy Davies One can easily imagine the following words being proclaimed at one of today’s “Occupy Wall Street” rallies: The association of poverty with progress is the great enigma of our times. It is the central fact from whichRead the Rest »

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