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A Condo in the Sky

by Lindy Davies A society’s values and preoccupations for a particular place and time tend to be depicted in its architecture (Levittown? the Golden Arches?). It would pretty much have to be that way — because while individual interests buildRead the Rest »

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Pure Geoism

Sometimes it’s said that our “economic reform advocacy” lacks passion, doesn’t get down to real cases. Well, here’s one: here’s the story of “a bold, bare and enormous wrong” (as Henry George put it) perpetrated against someone who is veryRead the Rest »

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The Everyday Drama of One Manhattan Block

by Lindy Davies I recently ran across a block in Manhattan that serves as a microcosm of the hindrance and dysfunction that is built into today’s economy. The forces we see on this block are at work all over NewRead the Rest »

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by Lindy Davies New York City has always provided us with icons: the Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, The Empire State Building, the World Trade Center (in place, and in destruction). Now a new one is rising:Read the Rest »

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