Weekly Social Hour:Sundays 11am-12pm CST

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We are starting a new weekly LVT social hour on Sundays using Google Hangouts. We’d like everyone who is interested in meeting other supporters, as well as curious individuals to attend. No prior understanding of LVT is required. The first social will be this Sunday from 11:00am-12:00pm CST (-6). See the time zones world map.

For the last four months, a group of us have been meeting online once a week in order to figure out how we can work as a group to make tangible gains towards the realization of land value taxation. We’ve termed these hangouts and its Facebook page LVT Task Force. There has been a surge in interest in both LVT and the weekly meetings since we got started. These hangouts have provided us with the means to synthesize our perspectives and establish priorities as a group. It’s also given us motivation, knowing that there are others out there who deeply care about this issue and its ability to end poverty, save the environment, and unleash humanity’s full potential. There is something about working in groups that is more satisfying and motivating than working alone. We want to increase collaboration and synergy among our online community, and explore new avenues for activism. Google hangouts are a great way to do that.

Though the previous weekly hangouts have been very structured, we’ve decided that it’s important to give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other first. Through greater awareness of everybody’s activities, we can build a stronger and more mutually supportive movement.

In addition, there are many curious individuals we have met online that would like to learn more about LVT, but would prefer to be able to ask questions directly to real people in real time, instead of reading long texts beforehand. These hangouts are a way of reaching out to these curious individuals immediately, making them feel welcomed, and improving their understanding of the subject matter. We also have information on how to get college credit for taking classes about LVT and Georgism in general. We all know at least one individual that is interested in learning more about LVT; please invite them to the social!
This is also an opportunity for those who are interested in volunteering. Believe me; we have plenty of things to do. In fact, we are using an online task manager with around 10 ongoing projects. All projects have been broken up into tasks that can be completed by anyone in 15-45min. In addition, volunteers are able to pick the tasks most suited to their skills and interests. They can complete tasks anytime anywhere, provided they have access to the internet.

How do I join?

This video explains how to access Google Hangouts.

I will post a link to the hangout on the LVT Facebook discussion page 30 minutes before we start. The earlier you join the hangout, the better. You may encounter technical difficulties when trying to do so. Every time a new person joins late, it interrupts the ongoing conversation. If however you try to join long before the hangout begins, all of those technical issues will have been taken care of and we can finish a fruitful conversation in the course of an hour. I recommend joining the room 15min before the start time. If you have other things to do before the meeting starts, simply turn your mic off and come back at the top of the hour. If you can’t make it on time, we understand. Please join anyway!

We hope to see you this Sunday!
–Jacob Shwartz-Lucas

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