Progress and Poverty: Confronting Economic Inequity in America

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Progress and Poverty-How Henry George Confronted Inequality from Robert Schalkenbach Foundation on Vimeo.

Panel Discussion, “Progress and Poverty: Confronting Economic Inequity in America,” marking FDU Press publication of The Annotated Works of Henry George: Progress and Poverty, Volume II, edited by Francis Peddle and William Peirce with Alexandra Lough, with panelists Mary (Polly) Cleveland, environmental economics, Columbia University, and Daniel Cassino, political science and director of experimental research, PublicMind™, moderated by Edward Dodson, senior researcher, Henry George Birthplace Archive and Historical Research Center.
April 27th Thursday 2017
Fairleigh Dickinson University
1000 River Road, Teaneck NJ 07666

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One Response to Progress and Poverty: Confronting Economic Inequity in America

  1. I commend this discussion to your attention. The two presentations are individually quite good, and the interaction of the two is also very useful. Dan Cassino points out how differently people who assume a zero-sum society operate with respect to others who recognize possibilities for economic growth. You might look for his articles in the Harvard Business Review and a WaPo article. The 2016 election results made a lot more sense to me after Dan’s analysis.

    And Polly’s presentation shows us how we might achieve a society and economy that works for all of us.

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